Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I've been wondering what to write about for my next post, and have so far failed to come up with something a bit more down to earth than the last one to maintain a good mix. Since I've been unsuccessful on that front, I give you this instead:

I love ferns. They are my absolute favourite type of plant, and thinking about them tends to inspire a wistful state in me. I imagine a world of fairies and fireflies. A tiny Utopia with nectar served in flower buds and crumbs of cake on petal plates. A dream of moss mattresses and naked dances in the moonlight under toadstools. Yep, ferns are fantastic, and they inspired the following writing. I was simply playing with the sound and feel of the words in my mind without trying for anything especially cohesive. I'm in love with the last sentence.

Ferny green light.
Tendrils curling velvety.
Lace-like dendrite spreading wide.
Forests of verdant shoots in miniature.
Glory in the lustful spore-covered underbelly of the fantastic Utopia.

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